ME600.9P Piledriver




Delin Heavy Machinery Industry, No.3, Kaiyuan Rd., Jining High Tech Zone, Jining City, Shandong Province, R. P. of China.

  MODEL ME600.9P
Weight (T) Operating weight (T) 58
Bucket capacity (m3) Bucket capacity (m3) 500
engine model Engine model 6WG1
Power (kw/r/min) Rated power (kw/r/min) 300/1800
Fuel tank volume (L) Volume of fuel tank (L) 650
Walking speed (km/h) Travel speed (km/h) 4.8/3.0
Rotation speed (r/min) Swing speed(r/min) 8.6
Gradeability(%) Max climbing degree° 70
Bucket Digging Force (KN) ISO Bucket digging force at power max (KN)  ISO 620KN
Ground specific pressure (KPa) Average grounding pressure(KPA) 104
Hydraulic pump model Hydraulic pump model V90N230DP
Maximum flow (L/min) Maximum flow (L/min) 414×2
Working pressure (MPa) Setting pressure (MPa) 37
Hydraulic tank volume (L) Volume of hydraulic tank (L) 335
A-total length (mm) A  Overall length (mm) 16900
B-total width (mm) B  Overall width (mm) 3340
C-Total height (top of boom) (mm) C  Overall height (to top of boom)(mm) 3640
D-total height (driving roof) (mm) D  Overall height (to top of cab)(mm) 3280
E-Counterweight Ground Clearance (mm) E  Counterweight ground clearance (mm) 1300
F-minimum ground clearance (mm) F  Min. ground clearance  (mm) 720
G-tail turning radius (mm) G  Tail swing radius (mm) 4650
H-track grounding length (mm) H  Track grounding length (mm) 4360
J-track length (mm) J  Track length (mm) 5390
K-gauge (mm) K  Track gauge(mm) 2740
L-track width (mm) L  Track width (mm) 3340
M-track shoe width (mm) M  Track shoe width (mm) 600
N-turntable width (mm) N  Turntable width (mm) 3045
W-Maximum height at minimum turning radius (mm) W  Max. height at min swing radius (mm) 9250
X-distance from the center of rotation to the rear end (mm) X Distance from swing center to rear (mm) 4650
Z-weight height (mm) Z  Height of counterweight (mm) 2860
A1-ground length (when transported) (mm) A1 Grounding length (in transportation) (mm)  
Stick length (mm) Arm length (mm) 5750
Boom length (mm) Boom length (mm) 12550


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