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Custom ML935 Wheel Loader Manufacturer​

  • It is equipped with the Yuchai turbocharged engine meeting the requirements of Euro II emission standard, with strong power and high reliability; Weichai DEUTZ and Cummins Engine is alternative.
  • The cooling system is designed with area-enlarged radiator, optimized inlet and outlet air channels to effectively decrease the temperature of water for engine and the temperature of oil for hydraulic system, which provides the entire machine with high cooling efficiency.
  • Axis-fixed power shift transmission case and single-turbine three-element hydraulic torque converter are used, with compact structure and high reliability and are convenient for maintenance; specially reinforced drive axle is configured, with large bearing capacity and high reliability.
ML935 Wheel Loader

Engine brandYuchaiDongfeng CumminsWeichai
Engine power929792
Engine speed220022002300
Bucket Capacity(m3)1.7
Rated Load(KG)3000
Bucket Raise(full bucket)(S)≤5.5
Bucket Drop(empty bucket)(S)≤3.4
Bucket Dump(empty bucket)(S)≤1.5
Max.Breakout Force(KN)100
Max.Traction force(KN)75
Max.Tipping Load(KN)≥58
Max.Grade Ability28°
Min.Turning Radius5500
Horizontal pass radius6600
Max. turning angle36°
Overall Length(bucket on earth)7350
Overall Width2250
Bucket Width2460
Overall Height(to the rings)3160
Tread Width(mm)1770
Wheel Base(mm)2600
Min. Ground Clearance(mm)400
Max. Dump Clearance3100
Corresponding Dump Distance1160
Dump Angle≥45°
Operating Weight(KG)9800
 Angle of taking back the bucket54

Custom ML955 Wheel Loader Manufacturer

  • The loader is equipped with the low-speed and high-torque Euro. II Weichai engine featuring low fuel consumption, strong power and high reliability, for which a horizontally-mounted two-stage air filter of high reliability is installed, Cummins engine is optional.
  • The cooling system is applied with the electrically-controlled thermal energy management module and has its radiator structure and intake/exhaust duct optimized, effectively reducing the engine water temperature and the oil temperature of the hydraulic system, and enhancing the cooling efficiency of the complete loader.
  •  The loader is applied with the technologically-sophisticated shaft transmission, enabling easy operation, good reliability and high efficiency; the drive axle is reinforced to provide large loading capacity and high reliability.
ML955 Wheel Loader

Engine brandWeichaiDongfeng Cummins
Engine power162162
Engine speed22002200
Bucket Capacity(m3)2.8
Rated Load(KG)5000
Bucket Raise(full bucket)(S)≤5.7
Bucket Drop(empty bucket)(S)≤3.5
Bucket Dump(empty bucket)(S)≤1
Max.Breakout Force(KN)155
Max.Traction force(KN)150
Max.Tipping Load(KN)≥100
Max.Grade Ability29
Min.Turning Radius6201
Horizontal pass radius6955
Max. turning angle35°
Overall Length(bucket on earth)7929
Overall Width2845
Bucket Width3024
Overall Height(to the rings)3423
Tread Width(mm)2250
Wheel Base(mm)2920
Min. Ground Clearance(mm)534
Max. Dump Clearance3400
Corresponding Dump Distance1083
Dump Angle≥45°
Operating Weight(KG)16300
 Angle of taking back the bucket51

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